At PJS, we are committed to helping our customers achieve and maintain the highest level of cleanliness in and outside of their properties with a variety of services.

Innovative Cleaning System

The foundation of our commitment is the PJS Innovative Cleaning System or ICS, a comprehensive, systemized approach to all aspects of the cleaning and operations process with the purpose of reducing costs while increasing efficiency, cleaning levels, and worker morale, resulting in a cleaner and healthier facility that meets and exceeds industry standards.



The PJS comprehensive program of cleaning protocols keeps us aligned with LEED credit requirements for certification and developing technologies for continued improvement.


We begin with a commitment to clean for health first, knowing that appearance will automatically follow. Our Innovative Cleaning System (ICS) is a simplified, bundled cleaning and safety program tailored for a large cleaning company like PJS. Standardized throughout all of the cities in which we operate, ICS includes a comprehensive training, work loading, safety, and scheduling system that reduces cleaning costs while increasing efficiency, cleaning levels, and morale.


PJS has evaluated many types of cleaning equipment and chemicals over time, ultimately selecting those that best meet the quality standards and objectives of the PJS Innovative Cleaning System.


The safety of cleaning workers and building tenants is of utmost importance, so the PJS safety program has been designed to exceed industry requirements.


Recognizing the critical significance of facility security, PJS establishes security procedures in accordance with client security policies.

Janitorial Services

Commercial Offices and Facilities Cleaning and Porter Services utilizing the PJS Innovative Cleaning System (ICS). To learn more about daily cleaning or porter services, please contact us.

Special Services

The PJS Special Services Division was created to help our customers handle a variety of cleaning needs. Within this division, often working closely with the janitorial staff already in the building, PJS can provide:

  • Full and spot carpet extraction
  • VCT strip and wax restoration and maintenance , including pre-scheduled maintenance buffing
  • Stone and specialty floor polishing
  • Industrial concrete grease removal
  • Upholstery Cleaning for Office Furniture
  • Commercial window cleaning
  • Low rise traditional squeegee window cleaning
  • Pure water fed pole spot free window cleaning up to 5 stories from the safety of the ground!
  • High rise window cleaning
  • Hard water/calcium stain removal
  • Cleaning with high-pressure steam-cleaning equipment at a rate of 3000 PSI and 200-280° F to remove gum, oil, dirt, grease, grime, and surface residue using biodegradable, industrial-grade cleaning products in compliance with Austin City Code. Products used should not damage other surfaces.
    • Full parking garage and parking lot cleanings
    • Algae removal and stone restoration
    • Exterior façade rehabilitation and overhang ceiling management
    • Flatwork maintenance, including:
      • Sidewalks
      • Loading Docks
      • Entry Ways

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