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“Relationships grow or die based on trust. It’s easy when things are going well. Working through problems determines the future of the relationship. In my experience with PJS, challenges are handled promptly, professionally and appropriately. This is why I look forward to a continued relationship with them.”


-Adam Benoit, CPM®, RPA®, LEED AP O+M®, BOMI-HP®, WELL AP®
Director of Property Management | Stream Realty

PJS is more equipped than any other company in the state of Texas to help property managers do their job well. That goes beyond keeping the building clean and keeping your tenants happy.

What makes PJS different?

 We are locally owned and operated. We’re invested in the community, and giving back to the community is a big part of who we are.

 We build trust and personal relationships with our property managers. PJS believes that communication is the foundation of a good partnership.

 We have a large staff of area managers, who are always on-call to help when any problem arises.

 We employ the best people available, and have enough employees that we can actually staff your building appropriately.

 We clean differently. PJS has developed a specialized system to give you a better end product. We call it the Innovative Cleaning System (ICS).

Want To Learn More? 

You can learn more about the Innovative Cleaning System (ICS) below or contact us directly here.


“My biggest challenge…not enough hours in a day.  My job is extremely demanding and it is a challenge to properly allocate my time.  I appreciate vendors such as PJS who make my job easier by doing outstanding work so it is one less item that demands my attention.”

Kathleen Goddard, CPM, General Manager
HPI Real Estate Services & Investments, Inc.


“One of the most important customer service components in the property management business is an immaculately clean property.  PJS maintains our assets at a very high level of cleanliness.  They are good stewards to their employees, our community and our portfolios.  This attribute of stewardship is accretive to their success and therefore, to ours.” 

Becky Heston, CPM, Principal
Endeavor Real Estate Group

Innovative Cleaning System

PJS believes in “Sustainable Green Cleaning”, which means cleaning for health, safety, and the environment. This is a commitment that PJS takes seriously and adopted long before industry regulation required it.

We have developed the safest and most environmentally sound way to keep your property pristine. It’s called the Innovative Cleaning System, or ICS.


Our comprehensive program of cleaning protocols keeps us aligned with LEED credit requirements for certification and developing technologies for continued improvement.


PJS management and janitorial staff undergo regular extensive training throughout the year. We’re continually improving best practices for any situation. Training includes topics such as:

  • Specialist Task Training
  • SDS Compliance
  • Chemical Use Dilution & PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Maintenance & Use of Cleaning Equipment
  • Cleanup of Hazardous Spills
  • Building Recycling Program


Cleaning products and equipment brought into your building are kept in a restricted area with access controlled by PJS supervisors and the building management.

PJS takes our commitment to sustainability seriously, and we use Green Seal Certified and Safer Choice products whenever possible.


We staff buildings according to their size rather than cutting corners just to win your business. If another janitorial company tells you they can match our results at a fraction of the cost, there is something they’re not telling you.

Based on your property’s cleaning requirements and green cleaning policy, PJS will make sure you have enough people on-site to get the job done right. The standard staffing provides a cleanliness level equal to APPA Level 2.


The safety of cleaning workers and building tenants is of utmost importance, so the PJS safety program has been designed to exceed industry requirements.


Recognizing the critical significance of facility security, PJS establishes security procedures in accordance with client security policies.

Special Services

The PJS Special Services Division was created to help our customers handle a variety of cleaning needs. Within this division, often working closely with the janitorial staff already in the building, PJS can provide:

  • Full and spot carpet extraction
  • VCT strip and wax restoration and maintenance , including pre-scheduled maintenance buffing
  • Stone and specialty floor polishing
  • Industrial concrete grease removal
  • Upholstery Cleaning for Office Furniture
  • Commercial window cleaning
  • Low rise traditional squeegee window cleaning
  • Pure water fed pole spot free window cleaning up to 5 stories from the safety of the ground!
  • High rise window cleaning
  • Hard water/calcium stain removal
  • Cleaning with high-pressure steam-cleaning equipment at a rate of 3000 PSI and 200-280° F to remove gum, oil, dirt, grease, grime, and surface residue using biodegradable, industrial-grade cleaning products in compliance with Austin City Code.
    • Full parking garage and parking lot cleanings
    • Algae removal and stone restoration
    • Exterior façade rehabilitation and overhang ceiling management
    • Flatwork maintenance, including:
      • Sidewalks
      • Loading Docks
      • Entry Ways

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